Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 10: Revisiting 'Bad Design' - IDEO's Shopping trolley project

1. Some of the problems of the current design of the trolley is the theft of the trolleys and the safety of children. (22, 000 child injuries a year)

2. Rules include the following:
  • One conversation at a time
  • Stay focused on the topic
  • Encourage wild ideas

These rules allow people to listen to one another while thinking about how to improve on the topic. They allow us to work with one another efficiently and quickly.

3. The team seems to share a common goal and vision. They see the big picture of what exactly they want, how they want it to be and the impact it will bring to IDEO every time they work on a project. I believe this motivates them to work on the project together and complete it, no matter how hard it seems to them be. The team communicates and listen effectively to their ideas and try to improve/combine them, making them very innovative. With this together with their values, they therefore are able to complete all the tasks they are given the way they want it to be and doing projects continuously in this manner allows them to complete very great projects, making them the best design company in the world.

4. We can work together and brainstorm wild ideas, no matter how funny or impossible they seem to be, for they could become common and daily items in the future. We can also learn to accept each others' ideas and improve/combine them to make them a very innovative idea.