Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Multimedia Presentation

Hello all ADMT-blog-viewers,

In this post I have uploaded my two main versions of my ADMT multimedia presentation, the initial multimedia presentation before it was much shortened and the final version. These two videos can be found below as follows. (The videos are from youtube so if you are unable to view it, please ensure that you are able to access first)

Here is the initial ADMT multimedia presentation I have made before it was shortened (12 min 37 sec):

Initial Version V3

Here is the final version of the ADMT multimedia presentation after the shortening of the video above. The music was slightly repetitive as the music for the above was specially composed for that version of the video and cannot be used in this video.

Final Version

And that is all for this post on the multimedia presentation. Thank you all blog-viewers and have a nice day.

Neo Wei Hong (14),
SST S1-07,
With special thanks to Mr Lim and ADMT department.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

EQ challenges

This is my mindmap on the EQ challenges. As you can see, one problem leads to the other. Please click on the image to view the full-sized one.
Done by: Neo Wei Hong (14)

SST S1-07
10 July 2010.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elderly Challenge (part 1)

Hi all ADMT blog-readers,

Well, today is the last day to complete this assignment. This post is written for the questions on part 1 of the elderly challenge based on the report as downloaded from the ADMT blog. The questions and answers of the report are all shown below as shown:


  • FOUR key recommendations
    • Provide different housing options and help seniors monetise their housing assets in order to make the house elder-friendly
    • Make all HDB precincts barrier-free and manufacture all buses to be elder-friendly in order to have a barrier-free society for the elderly and physically disabled to take the buses and move easily around the neighbourhood as well without having to go through narrow paths and other obstacles.
    • Medisave Accounts should be topped up when Government shares budget surplus and there should be family practitioner-based holistic care in order to have a holistic affordable healthcare and eldercare for the elderly
    • Promote more programmes and services and build on strong family ties in order to let the elderly continue to be active and be happy at the same time.
  • ONE recommended way for making public house elder-friendly.
    • We can vary the length of land leases since a shorter length of lease will mean lower pricing in the pricing of houses and higher quality of housing will be possible with the same amount of price. The only difference is that the period of time the house can be owned is shortened. However, this is not the criteria and problem for many elderly and therefore it would be very useful to many of them. They can then enjoy high quality housing without worrying about the price.
  • TWO ways to ensure elderly care quality is affordable
    • Since many elderly become weak and unable to work or move, they can only rely on their children to support them but nowadays, the number of elderly is more than the number of young people, compared to the past. To add on to the problem, elderly who are weaker get sick more easily. Therefore, Medisave accounts should be topped up when the government shares the budget surpluses. This way, the money from the Medisave accounts can be used to defray healthcare costs and hospital bills when the elderly people get sick.
    • Many schemes and polices, such as the ElderShield scheme and the Medisave policy by the MOH, should be reviewed so that the elderly suffering from common chronic diseases who require long-term care has coverage and can withdraw money from their Medisave account for treatment.
  • THREE things I can do
    • Donate money and items to those elderly in need.
    • Visit the elderly often to talk to them. Organise different possible activities for them and make them feel that they are still useful for being part of the society.
    • Encourage everyone to treat the elderly, both in their family and out in the society, well and care for them.
So...that's the end of the post.

Yours Sincerely,
Neo Wei Hong,
My Photo
SST S1-07,
Member of ADMT group 5 in ADMT lesson,
With special thanks to Mr Irfan and ADMT department.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elderly Challenge (part 3)

Here is a very simple design of how the house of an elderly would look like. It consists of a door and 2 windows, a living room with a wheelchair, a corridor, a kitchen and 2 toilets with handrails. It only focuses on a few facilites an elderly would need (eg. in the toilet) and therefore is very plain. The pictures of the model done by using Google Sketchup is shown below:

Click on the images for a clearer view.
House plans and room arrangements are original. Toilets, wheelchair and handrails from Google Warehouse.

Essential Questions on the Elderly Challenge

The 5 essential questions, ranked from 1 to 5 (most important - least important), about the Elderly Challenge are as typed below:
  1. What are some of the problems you think the elderly may face and how would that affect us?
  2. Why do you think the elderly need more concern nowadays than compared to the elderly of the past?
  3. Why would the home of the elderly be different compared to us even though they might have lived in the same home for many years?
  4. Technology is improving very fast nowadays and many aging people cannot adapt to our modern lives. How would you allow the elderly to be able to step into the modern society and carry on with their lives with technology?
  5. How would the facilities in the home of an elderly be different from those of ours?
For more information on the EQs of the class, please click on but please make sure you are logged on to sst email or you would be redirected to SST google sites' main page. Note that the page may be removed without any prior notice. (Last successful login and opening of the spreadsheet is on 30 June 2010.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Animated Soccer Goal

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 10: Revisiting 'Bad Design' - IDEO's Shopping trolley project

1. Some of the problems of the current design of the trolley is the theft of the trolleys and the safety of children. (22, 000 child injuries a year)

2. Rules include the following:
  • One conversation at a time
  • Stay focused on the topic
  • Encourage wild ideas

These rules allow people to listen to one another while thinking about how to improve on the topic. They allow us to work with one another efficiently and quickly.

3. The team seems to share a common goal and vision. They see the big picture of what exactly they want, how they want it to be and the impact it will bring to IDEO every time they work on a project. I believe this motivates them to work on the project together and complete it, no matter how hard it seems to them be. The team communicates and listen effectively to their ideas and try to improve/combine them, making them very innovative. With this together with their values, they therefore are able to complete all the tasks they are given the way they want it to be and doing projects continuously in this manner allows them to complete very great projects, making them the best design company in the world.

4. We can work together and brainstorm wild ideas, no matter how funny or impossible they seem to be, for they could become common and daily items in the future. We can also learn to accept each others' ideas and improve/combine them to make them a very innovative idea.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 6+7: Basic Photography - Your fortnight 'assignment'

The following are 8 pictures which I took during my ADMT class:

I had chosen these because these are the pictures which I feel that I have tried my best in taking by applying the rule of diagonals. These are also amongst the most interesting pictures which I have taken, and therefore I chose these pictures.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

ADMT Sketches and Drawings

Click on each of the images to enlarge it and get a clearer view.

Monday, January 25, 2010

PIES on 4 items

Done by: Neo Wei Hong

Laptop Bag

P: My laptop bag is a black one which has a similar in shape and design as my school bag, except that it is much more bigger and has a space for putting the laptop.
I: I need to know which laptop allows me to keep both my textbooks as well as my laptop.
E: I was very happy when I had bought my laptop bag and relieved when I found that I had chosen the correct laptop bag when I attended school as I was satisfied with the results and the comfort it gave.
S: I could share my experience on buying my bag with my friends and make my friends understand me better. This helps to build up closer friendship.

Something given to me by someone older

P: What I am going to share about the thing given to me is a small wallet given to me by my father about 2 to 3 years ago.
I: Although it is small to me now, it still allows me to put the coins I once collected from other countries from the world.
E: I felt rather lucky to have received the wallet as its small size allows me to carry it around easily and conveniently so that I can show them to my friends.
S: Besides having a closer family bond, having received the wallet also allows me to build a closer relationship with my friends as I can show them my wallet and let them know me better.

Taking a ride in an MRT train

P: The experience I gained from taking rides in an MRT train were rather memorable one as I was amazed at how the train took commuters around Singapore at such a fast speed when I looked out of the window and saw how much faster the train traveled than the vehicles on the road as during my first ride. I also got to view other scenery outside the window of the train at a high point above ground level.
I: This experience gained from taking the MRT train has taught me important educational lessons such as to care for other commuters inside the train. For example, the train ride has taught me to care for the pregnant, the elderly and the disabled. We should give up our seats to these commuters who need the seats more than us.
E: I can remember how thrilled I am when taking the MRT train, especially during the first ride, when I learnt the many important lessons as mentioned above.
S: From taking MRT rides to travel with my family and friends, we could all enjoy the ride together and learn important lessons. We could socialise with the other commuters in the MRT train and get to know more about them and where they are traveling to in the train.

Watching a Documentary or Movie

P: This is a movie entitled "Sherlock Holmes" that I have watched with my friends from my previous school during the December School Holidays in "Golden Village" Cinemas at Jurong Point. This movie is one with some exciting scenes and some humorous scenes.
I: I believed my friends has chosen this video because although some parts are quite illogical, it is has quite a good storyline and has a mixture of many different scenes and events. This movie has allowed me to relieve some of my stress.
E: I was felt very happy when I went to watch the movie (although I spilt some drinks on my bag before the movie during lunch) as I was able to socialise with my other friends and express my thoughts and feelings.
S: By watching this movie, I believe I have known more about my friends and to be more careful in the future.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 3: Doing Research (part 2)

#4 Singapore Environmental Policies/Campaigns
Done by: Neo Wei Hong
Group Members: Jing Jie, Zong Wei, Shawn

The National Environmental Agency (NEA)is a public organization responsible for improving and ensuring the clean and green environment in Singapore. Some of the campaigns and programmes that the NEA are organizing are:
1. Anti-Littering Programme
2. Clean Public Toilets Education Programme
3. Dengue Fever/ Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever Programme
4. Food Hygiene Programme
5. Infectious Diseases & Other Programmes
With reference to:

Week 3: Understanding 'Research' (part 1)

Done by: Neo Wei Hong

1. To research is to investigate and find out about more information on a project. We usually research on a project or topic etc. which we do not understand.
2. Researching is very important as we can actually find out more about what we actually learn in school. It allows us to learn through many different ways such as through the internet, newspapers or magazines etc. Without research, we would not be able to learn more than what we could actually learn.
3. To conduct a good research, we must first know what we want and what it is related to. Next, we can use search engines on the internet or learn from other sources such as books and magazines. We can not only search for the information we are looking for but also search for the information that is related to the project. After we find information, we must find out whether it is relevant and accurate enough because in order to conduct a good research, we will need to find the best articles and information we can obtain. After finding the required information, double-check with other sources to ensure its accuracy. Lastly, we have to edit the information such that we only keep the key points we want. Only can we conduct a good research if we follow these steps.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1: Personal Reflection

ADMT to me is a rather important subjects to me as it helps us to express our creativity as well as to showcase our other skills. It also helps us to know the world's progress and lets us care more about the world as well as think of ways to improve it. In overall, I believe that learning ADMT can let students to think of keeping the world moving forward. In school, I would like to learn skills like sketching and creating of things or software etc. I would also like to expand my creativity. Below is my sketch which shows how life would be like without ADMT. (Please click on the picture to have a clearer view.) Without modern technology, people cannot build buildings and therefor have to find natural places to live in. Without art, media and design, people cannot record things down in computers (in the cave). Everything will have to be made by hand using natural materials (eg. clothes using leaves, pot using stone, weapons using stone or metal, heater using rubbing wood and making fire etc.)(Click on the picture to have a clearer view.)