Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1: Personal Reflection

ADMT to me is a rather important subjects to me as it helps us to express our creativity as well as to showcase our other skills. It also helps us to know the world's progress and lets us care more about the world as well as think of ways to improve it. In overall, I believe that learning ADMT can let students to think of keeping the world moving forward. In school, I would like to learn skills like sketching and creating of things or software etc. I would also like to expand my creativity. Below is my sketch which shows how life would be like without ADMT. (Please click on the picture to have a clearer view.) Without modern technology, people cannot build buildings and therefor have to find natural places to live in. Without art, media and design, people cannot record things down in computers (in the cave). Everything will have to be made by hand using natural materials (eg. clothes using leaves, pot using stone, weapons using stone or metal, heater using rubbing wood and making fire etc.)(Click on the picture to have a clearer view.)

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  1. This is an excellent piece of work! Carry on sketching your ideas!