Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 3: Understanding 'Research' (part 1)

Done by: Neo Wei Hong

1. To research is to investigate and find out about more information on a project. We usually research on a project or topic etc. which we do not understand.
2. Researching is very important as we can actually find out more about what we actually learn in school. It allows us to learn through many different ways such as through the internet, newspapers or magazines etc. Without research, we would not be able to learn more than what we could actually learn.
3. To conduct a good research, we must first know what we want and what it is related to. Next, we can use search engines on the internet or learn from other sources such as books and magazines. We can not only search for the information we are looking for but also search for the information that is related to the project. After we find information, we must find out whether it is relevant and accurate enough because in order to conduct a good research, we will need to find the best articles and information we can obtain. After finding the required information, double-check with other sources to ensure its accuracy. Lastly, we have to edit the information such that we only keep the key points we want. Only can we conduct a good research if we follow these steps.

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